White Peak Walk Near Bakewell

White Peak Walk – Monsal Head, Taddington, Litton Mill and Cressbrook

This White Peak walk is a a moderately long circuit which takes in Monsal Dale, Taddington, High Dale, Litton, Millers Dale, Cressbrook and back to Monsal Head.  It is close to Bakewell and takes in some excellent White Peak scenery.

Behind the Monsal Head pub, about 10 minutes drive at most from Bakewell, you will find the car park for this White Peak walk.  Stay focused – resist stopping at the pub or the next door team room and instead go through the squeeze stile on the opposite side of the road. Take the steep path on the left that descends into Monsal Dale in a south westerly direction.  Follow this along the bottom of the dale unto you reach the A6. Cross this carefully to the parking area and take a path off to the right before you reach Deep Dale which takes you up through a small valley to Taddington Field where you pick up a track which takes you almost all the way into Taddington, the last few yards are on the road.  Whilst in Taddington take a look around, it is a fascinating little village; if you are there around the time of the harvest festival then make sure you go into the church as they make a really big effort.

Image: The cathedral of the Peak, Taddington church.

The Cathedral of the Peak - Taddington Church.

Taddington Church Harvest Festival picture.

Harvest Festival, Taddington Church

Take the road out of Taddington that heads north east.  Cross the A6 again and take short track which angles up to the right then drop suit down into High Dale which has a very geometrical shape, it almost looks as if it has been cut out by hand it is so regular.  Where the dale widens out, take the bridleway up the fields to the right; turn left along the track then right where the track turns abruptly left.  He be so next stretch of the path passes through a former mining area where you can the remains of the old bell pit style of mineral extraction used extensively in the Peak District.  You then drop steeply through the fields and find your self on a section of the Monsal Trail, a disused railway line.  Turn right along this and very soon this White Peak walk drops you steeply down to cross the river Wye where you find your self at Litton Mill.  Litton Mill was notorious for the exploitation of child labour, a grim past indeed.  These days the mill is more welcoming and has been converted into luxury apartments.  When you have finished looking at the river and the mill race, follow the river downstream all the way to Cressbrook Mill.  Be warned that during the winter after prolonged periods of rain this section of path is sometimes underwater – we have experienced it more than knee deep! An alternative to this section of this White Peak walk is to just follow the Monsal Trail where you meet it at Litton.

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